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Yerevan, Armenia, 0088 Arman Margaryan
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About the company
Margasoft is in business of developing, selling and supporting Margasoft software products based on MICMA proprietary framework and providing software services. With two offices in Yerevan, Armenia and one in Los Angeles, USA, Margasoft mainly provides services to the US corporate customers.
In 2008 Margasoft launched JobFinder.am Armenian Career Portal, which is mainly supported by staff in Armenia.

Margasoft core business is based on installation and support of MICMA Legal solution designed for corporate legal department. The main advantage of the system is that it is designed to streamline and simplify conversion from the old legacy applications.

From service side Margasoft specializes in software transition, data migration and conversion support. We have developed our unique tools and procedures, which allow us render quality conversion and migration services to the companies who are in need of transitioning from legacy applications to the new ones and still maintain the availability of the system. Regardless whether you are doing upgrade within your IT organization or you are software vendor transitioning your clients to your new software, Margasoft can help you in end-to-end transition planning, implementation, monitoring and validation. We are greatly experienced in this area and have the Knowhow. Moreover, we are equipped with our reverse engineering, data migration and conversion tools, which help a lot in implementing transitions. We support the transition from analysis phase, through conversion all the way to validation and acceptance.
Product / Service

MICMA LEGAL is a web based solution built on MICMA platform to automate and streamline your legal department’s processes.
MICMA Legal is designed both for legal departments who are looking to switch to new integrated application to manage their claims, matters and litigation cases as well as most importantly legal department who are using legacy not supported client server solutions and are looking to transition to new web based solution with least cost and pain.

Unique architecture of MICMA Legal offers number of advantages, when evaluating new target platform for your existing legacy software.

For more information please visit our website at http://www.margasoft.com/micma-legal.aspx to research more about MICMA Legal.
Key client processes
  • ERP and related:  HR , Suppliers
  • CRM and related:  Operational
Customer problem solved with the implementation
Contact, Matter, Claims, Litigation Management is automated by usitlizing features of MICMA Legal. System allows to track key details about different matters. It allows to to manage appointments, tasks and time tracking for the staff working on the cases. Security is ensured by privilege and access levels.
Direct or indirect benefits from the implementation
- Time Saving;
- Availability of the information in real time;
- Status Porgress Tracking;
- Evaluation of the staff efficiency via reports.